Datsun Parts

for your Z

Interior Components
Door Panels

Door pulls (240z)

Arm rests 240z 280z

Door release lever assemblies

Door release lever covers

Door lock pulls

Scuff plates

Sill plates
Center console 240z 280z

Shift handle and knob (auto)

Shift selector indicator plate (auto)

Manual shift knob

240z 280z 280z 2+2 rear cushions

Interior trim panels: upholstered and hard plastic:

Coupe, behind doors

B/T headliner and hatch

Luggage area side panels (hard plastic)

Vinyl trim panels (suspension towers etc.)

Tail lamp panel (hard plastic)

Storage compartment doors (behind seats)

Seat Belts, misc. assemblies 240z, 280z
Dashboard Components:

Dash cover 240z 280z

Steering wheel

Horn button 280z

Ignition switch housing 240z 280z

Speedo/tach misc. gauges

Glove compartment door 240z 280z

Glove compartment (inner box)

Misc. dash panels, vents, switches