Datsun Parts

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Explanation of Parts Grading System

Used parts are just that- used. Please remember that these Datsun models are now between 29 to 37 years old. DelgaSpeed aims to provide the highest quality components that can be found. However, many parts are in short supply and can be difficult to locate. In many situations a component needing repair or restoration is better than having no part at all. Used components are each unique in that the same parts can vary substantially in condition. Every effort will be made to represent and describe the condition of each part accurately.

Consider that manufacturers of new reproduction sheetmetal components include the disclaimer that the parts may have suffered some minor damage in transit and they will require additional surface preparation and fitting prior to painting.

A three level grading system has been established and is described below:

Grade A:
The “mint” part. This also includes “new old stock” (NOS) components. The grade “A” component is complete and in very good cosmetic and mechanical condition. The component is ready to install “as is”. Sheetmetal items are straight, with no dents, no rust, or Bondo repairs. Plastic or fiberglass parts are not cracked or pitted. Normal fit and finishing will be required for painting. Upholstered components will be intact with no wear through, splits seams or cracks. Upholstered parts may display condition commensurate with their age.

Grade B:
The “good” part. Component is complete, in good cosmetic and mechanical condition. Component is ready to install after minor repair or refinishing. Sheetmetal components may require minor bodywork to smooth minor dents and scratches. There may be prior Bondo repairs. Plastic or fiberglass parts may have cracks repaired with epoxy. There may be minor epoxy rust repairs. Chrome parts may have minor rust that has been polished out with minor pitting or bubbling remaining. Upholstered components will have minor “wear through”, cracks or split seams. The underlying cushion material may be distorted from wear and age.

Grade C:
The “usable” part. The component may lack some parts. Requires more extensive repair than the grade “B” part. Sheetmetal may have unrepaired dents, scratches or rust. Plastic or fiberglass components may have unrepaired cracks and pitting. Chromed parts, such as bumpers, may need to be straightened and will have rust and pitting. Upholstered components, such as seats, will need to be re-upholstered. These parts can be considered as “rebuildable cores” These parts are not “junk”. They will require the buyer’s application of “elbow grease” to be brought to satisfactory condition.